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system 32 klasörü ne işe yarıyor:

Yazdı:  18 Oct 2007 19:26
arkadaşlar c:\windows\system32 klasoru ne işe yarıyor.yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
Yazdı:  19 Oct 2007 23:23   Son düzenlenme: osman
İçinde önemli sistem dosyaları bulunur. Sonradan oluşma bir klasör değildir. İçindeki dosyalar ve programları işletim sistemi kurulduğunda otomatik gelirler.

Dosyaları bir alıntıdan örneklersek;

ACM files are CODECS (for audio compression). (5 are installed by default)
BAS files are QBasic programs included with NT (4).
midimap.cfg configures MIDI instruments for a sound card.
CNT files are help file contents
COM files are mainly for Win16 compatibility. There are 16, and the ones that work are edit, more, and tree.
ega.cpi is also here for Win16 compatibility.
CPL files are Control Panel files.

appwiz is Add/Remove Applications
console is [MS-DOS] Console
desk is Display
devapps is Devices, PC Card, SCSI Adapters, and Tape Devices
inetcpl is Internet Control Panel applet installed by IE
intl is Regional Settings and Keyboard
joy is Joystick, but appears only if you have a joystick configured
main is the Control Panel DLL and includes the applet Mouse, and [the shortcuts to] Fonts and Printers
mmsys is Multimedia, and Sounds
modem is Modems
ncpa is Network
odbccp32 is ODBC (if installed)
ports is Ports
qtw32 is Quick Time (if installed)
rascpl is Dial Up Monitor
srvmgr is Server and Services
sysdm is System
telephon is Telephony
timedate is Date/Time
tweakui is TweakUI (if installed)
ups is UPS

perf*009.dat are the 2 files that contain Performance Monitor counters (the last number is 9 for English versions)
DLL files are application reusable extentions, detailed in their own section in System32 DLL files.
EXE files are both character-based and graphical executables.
FNT files 2 files
HLP files are Help Files (original count: 41, but Office97 adds about 9)
blank.htm is the "blank home page" for IE
INF files 83 by default
winoldapp.mod is a Win16 compatibility file
NLS files
*.nt are the command prompt startup files
OCX files are Active-X applets. 3 are installed with IE3 (marquee, plugin, and intrinsc).
OLB files ...there are 3.
PNF files
graphics.pro is a DOS print setup file
cmos.ram is not a real audio file (as it might say if you have Real Audio installed)... rather, it holds the CMOS state for DOS Virtual Machines
rsaci.rat is an IE3 file containing a ratings system.
REG files are registration entry files (double-click them to have their contents updated to the registry)
ROM files
SEP files are printer separator files.
SRG files are IE3 files
SYS files of which only one is not a Win16 compatibility file: win32k.sys is the win32 driver
TLB files are OLE files
mmtask.tsk is the Multimedia background task support module
kmdtsp.tsp is the TAPI Kernel-Mode Service Provider
unimdm.tsp is the Unimodem Service Provider

CMD files are command line batch files.
MDW files ...these are Access files, listing Users (placed during Access 97 install)
PIF files
TRM files are terminal files
TWD files ...I have two now, and I'm not quite sure what they do yet, but they're related to Office 97
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